Mapping the Future resources:

From Provincial Conference 2014:

Constitutions and Trustees

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton Questions

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

From Provincial Conference 2012:

Celebration of what we do list

Changing lives, changing communities

Changing patterns of working: volunteers and paid staff

Supporting what we do: internal and external help

Inspiring ideas for fundraising



Watershed compliance survey

Men's lifestyle magazine display survey

Outdoor advertising survey

Changing society

Inspired - connecting faith and families

Inspired - connecting faith and families notes

Changing world, changing models presentation

Development story

What next? Planning for the future


From Provincial Conference 2011:


Communications presentation

Engaging with diocesan members


Fundraising presentation


Setting the scene


What inspires you to give?

Marriage preparation pack from Mothers' Union Diocese of Guildford

Prison parenting handbook from Mothers' Union Diocese of Guildford

Hallowe'en An Alternative from Mothers' Union Diocese of Leicester

Provincial cycle of prayer for each diocese

Speakers on major Mothers' Union programmes and campaigns: contact Mothers' Union